New Era Service Provider

Corpera is a new administrative service provider in Cyprus formed by experts in the Corporate & Fiduciary Industry. As the name stands Corpera is in an incorporation built on the beliefs of better Corporate Services in a new era comprising solid foundations of trust, respect & integrity for our clients & associates.


An investment fund that’s registered in Cyprus could be a vehicle that
enables investors to lift capital through numerous money instruments.


New Era Service Provider

Corpera can support you all the way to your immigration
process by providing loyalty and detailed service.

Cypriot Citizenship?
Permanent Residence?
Other Visas and Permits?


You feel that you can run your own company but you can’t afford the resources,
headaches and the time to manage your own office and everything that goes with it?

Why Choose Us

CORPERA is a knowledgebase-hub in Cyprus for any company related matters. We have the experience to incorporate a Cyprus Company from ground up and we know what the challenges and gaps are and we are here to eliminate them! Serving clients on a daily basis while maintaining companies on a smooth legal and tax compliant road is our duty and work.

We have built strong and solid relationships with associates and we feel confident to undertake incorporation of companies either in Cyprus or foreign jurisdictions and manage the different affairs ranging from legal, corporate, tax, vat, accounts, audit and banking as well!


Investment Fund

Having the right expertise to deal with investment funds and specifically the RAIF. Due to the high demand, investment funds have become popular and the setup process in Cyprus has become quicker.. Learn more

Company Formation

Corpera can arrange company formation if not globally, definitely in numerous jurisdictions around the world. We can arrange to form a brand new company or setup a shelf company according to your requirements.. Learn more

International Trusts

The Cyprus International Trust Law has undergone major reform and the amending law introduced in early 2012 has transformed the Cyprus Trust regime into the most modern and favourable Trust regime in EU.. Learn more

Serviced Office

Having a strong and real substance of your company is a good measure to prove that your company has a physical place of business. In order to do this, professional service providers must be able.. Learn more

Fiduciary Services

It is well known in Cyprus and abroad that a fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of one single different person, or even multiple different persons to manage assets. Essentially, a fiduciary is a person or organ.. Learn more

Management Services

Administering a company on a daily basis is a challenging difficult task if you go by the book. However, we prefer to follow all formalities ranging from annual general meetings, board meetings.. Learn more

Yacht Management

Owning, managing and maintaining a yacht is troublesome, difficult, time intense and wishes specialised information. therefore allow us to do the labor. Interyachting offers you a price effective yacht administration.. Learn more

Our Service

Individuals and Companies that have trusted us they know how strict Corpera is with their Company’s operational matters. Our service is efficient, fast and time oriented to meet all your requirements but deadlines as well!

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We are a phone call or an email away to discuss your company requirements and start building your company structure!

Behind Corpera

There is a dedicated team consisting of lawyers, accountants, secretaries and compliance officers ready to serve your company needs in the best possible and legal form.

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